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Monday, February 11, 2008

Bottlegourd Curry (Lauki Tamatar Subzi)
Easy way of Punjabi Cooking with the Pressure Cooker. To dress it up for a special occasion, use ghee instead of oil or equal parts of ghee and oil. Enjoy the dish!
Bottle gourd - 1 medium sized, chopped into cubes
Onions - 2 large, chopped
Tomatoes - 3, chopped
Ginger - 1 inch piece, sliced
Green chillies - 2, chopped
Jeera - ¾ teaspoon
Coriander powder - ½ teaspoon
Chilli powder - ½ teaspoon
Amchoor - ½ teaspoon
Garam masala - ½ teaspoon
Turmeric - a pinch or two
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tablespoons

Heat oil/ghee in a pressure cooker. On medium-low flame, add jeera and add onions and fry till onions are soft but not brown. Add turmeric, ginger and green chillies. Fry till onions are light brown and then add chopped tomatoes. Cook for a while till they are pulpy and soft.
Add the spices, salt and cook till the oil/ghee separates. Add bottlegourd, stir for a couple of minutes, and add half a cup of water. Close the cooker, after it emits one whistle. Keep on fire for another three minutes on low flame. Remove from fire.
After it has cooled a little, fry the curry on fire for 2-3 minutes and serve hot. It goes well with either chapathis or rice.


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