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Monday, July 14, 2008

Masala Buttermilk/Mor
I want to skip carbonated drinks and cola for summer. Mor is very healthy to drink and it's also diet conscious. Buttermilk is lower in fat and calories than regular milk . Sometimes I enjoyed it with warm rice.
To make the buttermilk with plain yogurt preferably homemade or Greek
Yogurt = 1 cup
Water = 4 cups of water
I combine yogurt and water with hand churner for 2 minutes.
Green chillies = 1 or 2 dependion on the spice level
Ginger = 1/2 tsp crushed
Cumin seeds = 1 or 1/2 tsp crushed
Curry leaves = Few to crushed
Salt to taste
Lemon = 1/2 from one lemon
Ice cubes = 3 or 4
Coriander leaves and Mor milagai for garnishing
Oil = 1/2 tsp
mustard seeds = 1/2 tsp
curry leaves = few
Asafoetida = pinch
Do the seasonings with 1/2 tsp of oil. Add it to the buttermilk and after few minutes do blend again with hand churner for one minute to mix it well.
Serve chill
To give mint flavour, follow the above ingredients except seasiongs, use it with crushed some mint leaves, Asafoetida = a pinch and 1tsp of chat masala


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