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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rose Milk: Unconditional Love

Rose Milk
What do you think of the color "Pink"? To me it always represents rose milk, the beautiful smell from the essence of Rose reminds me of my childhood memories. My mom used to make it and put ice on top and gave it to me after school with a big glass of rose milk. It's because I hate milk and never enjoy to drink it plain with sugar or any drink mixes like Ovaltine, Boost, Horlicks etc.
Nowadays, I never tried it and enjoyed lot only in few restaurants in Singapore. Here, in US, I asked indian stores whether rose syrup is available or not. I was happy to get it and tried it. To my surprised, Jaihari too enjoyed it lot but his friend, Sritha just heard its name and didnt try it here as she never liked it.

Rose Milk
I read its instruction in the back of the rose syrup. I know it'll be very sweet. So, I prepared my mind to change its measurement on my own. It's very easy and simpe unless you have rose syrup. Using the rose syrup, we can also make Semiya Payasam and other deserts.
I took rose syrup to Food of Miami who asked me what brand she can get it in the supermarket. She wants to try it urgently as it's very easy to make it for her. Let her enjoy drinking my rose milk, slurp...slurp...slurp... Do visit her blog to know the best restaurants, she ever tried, in the places where she travels around the world especially Mumbai.

Rose Milk
Rose Milk Syrup

Rose Milk
Here's what I need:
1/4 cup or to taste Rose Syrup
4 glasses of chill milk
Ice cubes if prefered
Blend rose syrup, chill milk and some ice in a blender and push frozen drinks & shakes button to blend well. Serve it in a glass with some ice cubes. I am using Oster fusion and it blends great for smoothies and shakes.
Slurp, slurp, slurp............... and enjoy.


Varunavi said...

Loved the colour and will make it for the kids

Madhumathi said...

Lovely color.. I love rose milk soo much..Hey i like your click wood picture..The wooden spoon is adorable :)
Hey do you have 2 blogs?I kinda got confused..

Rajee said...

Yes, Madhu, 2 blogs. Pls dont confuse as main blog in exotickitchen.blogspot.com is for organising and the other one rajikitchen.blogspot.com is for posting. Get it?

Madhumathi said...

Yeah got it..Thanks for clarifying :) I will keep in touch through this blog..becoz your main blog is not loading for me properly :(

Rajee said...

Pls close and refresh the main blog, Madhu. Then it'll be fine. :D

Cham said...

Wow the drink is gorgeous

Lynnylu said...

Lovely colors in your smoothie.

Vibaas said...

I love this too. Looks refreshing!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

oh this looks way toooo delicious.. yum yum..

lol@ you got energy drinking my shake? hahaha

Laavanya said...

Hi Rajee - thank you for visiting my blog and making me aware of yours. You have an interesting blog and I'm still browsing through it... but just wanted to drop a comment mid-way. Love the rosemilk. My aunt used to make the rose-syrup for me so all i had to do was mix and drink.. since I don't have it here, i just use rose essence, a drop of red food coloring & sugar stirring into milk - always a favorite... :)

Sakshi said...

Hi Rajee first of all thanks a ton for visiting my blog. You were asking about my pics...I have a Nikon D 80 camera which does 99 percent of the work and I hardly need to put any effort from my side. I am still learning the techniques of photography :) I would be happy to guide you if you have any doubts abt taking a pic..am browsing through ur blog and ur pics are awesome too..Hey my mom used to do the same trick to get me drink milk. I still hate plain milk, horlicks, bournvita etc...U got a nice blog and will visiting often ..u can always mail me if u have the time for it :)

Akal's Saappadu said...

nice bright panji muttai color, hehehe

my teddies love rose milk, but here, we don't get the pure 100% rose syrup (we get only some trademarks with half the quantity of chemicals...)
so, whenever I get good quality syrups, I buy 2 or 3 to keep for long time!

Food Of Miami said...

I am definitely going to try this one. Again, where do you get your Rose Syrup from? do you have a suggestion for an product that I can buy online?

Thanks so much!

Varunavi said...

Happy new year

LG said...

Color looks soo good. Drink is also refreshing.

Sanghi said...

Wow..! Looks great! Excellent presentation! Foamy sweet delight..! do check the FIL part 2 roundups..!

The Mom Cook said...

Hi Rajee..

Wow.. wonderful color.. refreshing drink..

Do check out my blog for your "Love your Blog" award.


I did not know which blog to choose from. Please post it in the blog you think is appropriate..


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